The Artist

About the Artist


To me, jewellery is a personal statement made by the wearer; jewellery can say so much about who you are. I love to create pieces for those women who wish to own jewellery that transcends fashion, that is timeless and elegant; jewellery that can be worn whenever the mood takes, or the occasion demands. My creations are for those who love to own something that is, and always will be, one of a kind.


My first love is creating with wire, but sometimes adding some of the silversmithing techniques I have learnt enables me to bring a new and different dimension to my work. I always want to push boundaries, try something different. My work is ever evolving. I am never sure which direction my ideas will take me in next!


Many of my pieces incorporate beautiful cabochons. When I create a piece of jewellery I try to create perfection and I want the same from the stones I use. I therefore only buy these cabochons directly from a few highly skilled lapidary artists. Each cabochon is cut, shaped and polished by hand.

My work was once described as ‘wearable art’, and I love that description! Whichever piece you choose to buy, whether for yourself or as a gift, it truly will be unique, creative jewellery.


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