Creating Wire Jewellery


Creating Woven Wire Jewellery

This page is to give you a brief insight into how I make a pendant in woven wire.

Whilst the principle of the process is very simple, you get thick (base wires) and wrap thin (weaving wire) around those base wires to create a weave, actually creating a pendant from start to finish can take up to 10 hours.

There are many many weaves, all of which create different textures, one of which I will choose to create the bezel.  Once the bezel weave is finished, the woven wire is then carefully bent to go around the cabochon.  In this example, I am using a lovely glass cabochon.  The next step is to create the bail.  All of the bails on my pendants are at least two layers of weave.


Different complementary weaves are used.  The second picture shows the first layer of the bail being created. Once this layer of weave is secured, the second layer of the bail is created, as shown in the third picture.  I take a lot of care to create symmetry in the bails, and around the cabochon if that is symmetrical.  This can take a lot of time, making many minor adjustments to the position of the wire.

Once the jewellery is finished, the piece is then oxidised in Liver of Sulphur, which turns both silver and copper black.

There is then quite a bit of polishing to create a beautiful shine on the raised parts of the weave, leaving the gaps dark.  This is the beautiful feature of woven wire jewellery. It is unique, different, and very wearable.


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