Customer Comments

From customers who have bought my jewellery

Kay, I just got back from a trip out of town and my pendant was waiting for me! WOW!!! I just love it! Honestly, the photos did not do it justice…it’s really fantastic! Your work is really wonderful! Thanks, so much!!!  Jana, Hawaii

Kay I look at my necklace every day in awe of your work. Lori, Colorado

Hello Kay, Just wanted to let you know my package arrived and I’m so happy! Thank you.  Nicolle, California

I always think you take good photos, but photos do not do these pieces justice, they are just so lovely and intricate I love them, Tony was amazed as well. Thank you so much Kay!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Amber, Pennsylvania

I truly have never been so impressed or delighted with someone’s work. Totally, completely in love. You are now my forever jewelry artist! ❤️  Kate, USA

I have to say.. honestly.. it is the most beautifully done work.. I have ever seen….I have seen ALOT of work…… ALOT… but that … is breathtaking…. the workmanship..the style.. the way you package it.. Kay.. I am.. so .. very.. proud to have that piece. Thank you so much.. XO Erin, USA

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